Exothermic Welding Manufacturer Supplier in India

Amiable - Exothermic Weldings Manufacturer Supplier in India

Amiable - Exothermic Weldings Manufacturer Supplier in India

What is Amiable-Weld Exothermic Welding?

Amiable-Weld is one of the leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Exothermic Welding Powder, Graphite Mold and Exothermic Weld Accessories and sells to more than 50 countries. Amiable-Weld manufactures high-quality Exothermic Powder at the lowest price. We have a huge range of Exothermic Weld Mold Designs to meet our customers demand. Amiable-Weld Exothermic Welding is also known as Exothermic Bonding. The Amiable-Weld Exothermic Welding is used to Joint Copper to Copper or Copper to Steel. It can Joint: Copper Conductor to Copper Conductor Copper Bar to Copper Bar Copper Conductors to Copper Bar Copper to Steel (Rod / Plate / Bar / Strip) Steel to Steel (Rod / Plate / Bar / Strip)

The Amiable-Weld Exothermic welding process is a very simple method of forming high-quality electrical connections. For exothermic welding there requires no external power or heat source whereby making it completely portable. Connections are made inside a semi-permanent graphite mold using Exothermic Weld Powder – the high-temperature reaction of powdered copper oxide and aluminium. It’s the process that produces a molecular joint and not just a mechanical one in between the connections. The Exothermic reaction is produced through a starting reactant which is known as Starting Powder / Ignition Powder, which provides enough energy to activate the Welding reaction. This takes place quickly and safely inside a graphite mold itself. An Amiable-Weld Exothermic welding has excellent corrosion resistance and higher mechanical strength than other forms of welding. It is also highly stable when subject to repeated short-circuit pulses, and does not suffer from increased electrical resistance over the lifetime of the installation. However, the Exothermic Welding process is costly as compare to other welding processes as it requires a supply of replaceable Graphite molds because One Graphite Mold can have only 30 – 100 Joint depending upon the size of joints. It is recommended not to have Exothermic Welding in Rainy Season or at very Wet Place. The Graphite mold is specially designed as per Customers requirement. We guarantee all types of joints – not only copper cable unions but also it can joint tape, bar, brass, stainless steel, steel ground rods covered with copper, etc. Exothermic Welding is especially useful for joining dissimilar metals. Our Amiable-Weld Exothermic Welding is compliant to IEEE 837-2002, CE, ROHS, ISO 9001, ISO 14000, ISO 18000 and we also follow GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practice) in order to maintain high-quality Exothermic Weld product throughout the Manufacturing Process.

Advantages of using Amiable-Weld Exothermic Welding:

  • Amiable-Weld Exothermic Welding not only joints Copper to Copper or Steel to Steel but can joint any dissimilar Metal like Copper to Steel, Copper to Brass.
  • Amiable-Weld Exothermic Welding Current carrying capacity equal to that of the conductor
  • Amiable-Weld Exothermic Welding provides a permanent welding that will not corrode or loosen over a period of time.
  • Amiable-Weld Exothermic Welding has higher mechanical resistance than the conductors themselves.
  • Amiable-Weld Exothermic Welding provides a superior electrical conductivity than the conductors themselves.
  • Amiable-Weld Exothermic Welding is able to withstand repeated electrical discharges.
  • Amiable-Weld Exothermic Welding will not deteriorate with age.
  • Amiable-Weld Exothermic Welding require no external power.
  • Amiable-Weld Exothermic Welding will withstand repeated faults.