Exothermic Welding Chart – Different Types Of Joint We Offer i.e

  • Cable to Cable joint
  • Cable to Ground Rod joint
  • Cable to Strips, Rod to Rod joint
  • Rod to Tape joint, Steel to Rod joint
  • Cable to Steel joint, Steel to Rod joint
  • Tape to Re bar joint
  • Cable to Rebar joint
  • Rod to Rebar joint
  • Rebar to Rebar joint
  • Copper Earthing Electrode Welded With Copper Strip
  • Continuity Bonds / Rail Signal Bonds and TLJB Bonds at reasonable rate with Full Customer satisfaction.

How to Order Exothermic Welding?

Know your Exothermic Welding Joint

The most common exothermic connections are listed in this product catalog for your easy reference.

However, it would not be feasible to place all the possible connections, configurations and sizes of conductor in this catalog as the amount is simply too vast and is constantly growing.

With a database of more than 20,000 moulds Design we cannot design the Moulds and keep in stock as the design is not common everywhere and the size of Conductor / Strip also change.

If you do not see the connection you require, configuration or size of conductor required by you mentioned in this product catalog then please contact us at info@exothermicweld.com or info@amiableimpex.com with the below relevant information and we will advise you accordingly.

01) Cable to Cable Connections (CC)

02) Cable to Ground Rod Connections (CR)


03) Cable to Bar (Copper Tape / Strip) or Cable Lugs Connection (CB)


04) Bar to Bar / Copper Tape to Tape (BB)


05) Re-Bar Connection (CRE)


06) Ground Rod to Bar / Tape Connections (BR)


07) Ground Rod to Ground Rod Connections (RR)


08) Cable to Surface (Steel/Copper) Connections (CS)


09) Bar to Surface Connections (BS)


10) Steel to Rod / Stud Connections (SR)


P.N – There are more than thousands of Design for Different Size and Different Shape. In case if none of your design is appearing here than please drop a mail at info@exothermicweld.com and we will design as per your requirement